18 Reasons Why Our Caravan Nearly Went on Ebay

We went to Pickering near the Yorkshire coast the other weekend.  2 kids, a caravan and a dog.

Memories were made. They weren’t all bad. I got a new record player in a car boot. We…nope that was it.

1) Wee Girl cried/screamed the whole way there.
2) We forgot everything.
3) Wee cried/screamed on every car trip.
4) Wee Man did not enjoy that…he joined in crying.
5) I was roped in to build a shed…
6) Wee Girl and Wee Man also liked crying at night. In a caravan.
7) Wee Girl cried all the way home.
8) Our neighbours parking resulted in difficult manoeuvres.
9) Wee Girl was still crying
10) I thought I could hold a caravan with one hand.
11) We have a very steep drive (10m long)
12) The caravan ran down the drive.
13) I went with it.
14) My new jacket was ruined.
15) Wee Girl stopped crying.
16) The juggernaut destroyed my neighbours plant pots and smashed in to our house.
17) I cried.
18) Wee Girl heard me swear a lot.

Well it’s been a few months and this disastrous episode is almost funny. Unbelievably both the caravan and house only suffered minor damage. My arm still has marks from being dragged at 20mph (Dad estimate) down our drive but I’ve struggled on.

We have invested lots of time sprucing the juggernaut up and are looking forward to a trip out soon but it was a really close ebaying call.

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