Chick(en) update 

Well the chick, or chickagers, are in the new home.

They are about 10 weeks old, and they should start laying at 16 weeks.

Our setup is a small coop with an integrated run (the type some companies tell you can fit 1500 chickens) and a very large run attached to that.

It’s not the prettiest thing as it’s second hand but it cost me £100, to buy a similar size new would have been £500/600.

They took the withdrawal of their heat lamp well and only needed chucking into their coop the first night. They now put themselves to bed without fuss which is nice.

They are now on growing pellets now as opposed to chick crumbs and we supplement their diet with short grass clippings and veg offcuts. They will move onto layers pellets (mixed feed) when they start to lay.

But it’s never been about the eggs.

We don’t eat a lot of eggs.

It’s about my daughter, Wee Girl, who is absolutely in love with every animal she sees.  We can’t walk past the stone animals at the garden centre without her giving each a pat/kiss from her hand.
We wanted them from chicks so she could watch them grow and not be afraid. It worked a treat. If anything she could do with being a tad more reserved!

FullSizeRender 21

Having them in the house was a pain, and even after scrubbing, cleaning and vacuuming 1000 times Wee Man’s new bedroom still sometimes has a slight chicken aroma…

But it’s been totally worth it.

We just have to persuade the dog.


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