Chicks are here…just!

Our two week old chicks have arrived home. 

Not without incident.

To house chicks you need:

  •  A hot light. 
  • A box.
  • Sawdust.
  • Water source
  • Chick feed

Last Friday when I was taking them home I had approximately none of these things.

Blame my vampire children, blame work, blame the dog, blame my wife. My lack of organisation was not my fault…

Anyway cue running around work, dismantling my the light from the bosses office and a quick trip to pets at home and I was ready.

I drove home at an average speed of 15mph as they frantic cheeping made me very aware they were not enjoying the process. 

Anyway, we got home in 4, complete, pieces. 

Next it was time for a box upgrade! 

One fairly major electric shock and several cut fingers and taadaa! 

They will live in here for another week or so until the next box upgrade. 

Now the only problem is they need to be in the house for the first 8-10 weeks of their lives.

They were in the washing room off the kitchen. Dog was not happy about this. 

So the only other place was the bedroom that will soon become Wee Man’s. 

Of course he cannot share with chicks so they are living on borrowed time before Mummy McMumface kicks them out into the shed. 

Anyway, Wee Girl loves them…

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