Children, IPads and chocolate 

First off I’m talking about my child and her Kindle Fire.

I know nothing about your children and their fancy pants IPads! 

So Wee Girl is 2 years 7 months old. For her Christmas her Bonma and Papa bought her her first tablet.

This stemmed from the most God awful car journey in which we hadn’t prepared to entertain her as she was due a snooze.

Here she is rocking her “cousin It” look:

Yes those are odd socks, we are odd socks kind of people. 

So far I’m really impressed. We bought into Amazons kids service, it’s like £1.30 a month or something, and you get lots of free apps etc.

She has learnt to control it, play various games like snap and follow tricky instructions.

She does get so engrossed that when it’s time to stop she comes out like a bear with a sore head. Not due to having to stop I think it’s more about she can’t just swipe us away! 

I am also pleased with the restrictions on time etc you can set, I’m sure you can do that on them all. For now she has free reign on it although she has never asked for it…yet. 

In regards to all the scaremongering in the news regarding unfit, unsociable children I say pfffft. 

They said the same about TV. They said the same about chocolate. They said the same about alchohol. They said the same about crystal meth. For children, everything in moderation! 

Am I being naive? Will she become an addict in the weeks, months and years to come? Probably, but no more so than the rest of us.

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