I cannot wait for Kim Kardashian on Cbeebies…

If I see another tweet about Tom Hardy or any other beautiful man on Cbeebies I am going to say “urrrgh” quietly under my breath.

To put my thoroughly British anger into context I shall tell a story.

I work with mainly woman.  One day I went into the break out room (I know right, wish we bloody could) where we all eat lunch to find two half naked men starting at me.

Now, to lessen the dramatics it was their top halves and they photos from a trashy magazine.  They had been carefully ripped out and left on the table for all to enjoy.

I exclaimed my dismay and was met with “Oh it’s just a bit of fun! Chill out!”

Now…it really…fucking isn’t.

I asked what they would think if I left photos of topless woman lying on the table.  They all agreed they wouldn’t mind.  When in fact they would and I would be without a job.

Because woman don’t have any pointy out bits this kind of behaviour in our society is deemed innocent and “just a bit of fun”.

Well…it really…fucking isn’t.

Record numbers of boys/men are suffering from mental health issues, many of which are linked to body image and their perception of self worth.

Because I am a man I am not allowed to be made feel inadequate by pictures of ripped models under my sandwiches?  Because I am a man I should laugh off things said to me that if I had said to a woman I would be jobless?  Do I not get to feel uncomfortable and threatened?

So imagine I tweet the title of this post.  How is it different?  How many followers would I lose?

In summary:

  1. I don’t think Kim Kardashian is going on Cbeebies.
  2. If we want sexism to stop we all need to help.

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