Leeds Royal Armouries – A Review

Today at 1:34pm my wife suggested we go. 

We have a 7 month old and a very nearly 3 year old. It was raining heavily outside so the alternative was to stay in the house…

So off we set, risking a danger nap, and in no time at all we were there. We parked in the citipark multi-storey next door (£5 for 4 hours) and ventured forth!

Outside there are cannons and Wee Girl was very excited. She hasn’t seen cannons since this morning on Captains Redbeard’s boat and you can touch them.

Wee Girl led the way inside!

Admission is free, the main reason we were going, which in this day and age is incredible.

Once inside you are immediately met by toilets and a shop that sells coffee so…



Inside there are 5 floors (glass lifts are available, very Willy Wonka) the first comprising of some big guns you can pretend shoot and shops.

Then the other four floors are filled with various implements of death. Driving home we remarked on how it’s a strange kind of thing to present. Very well presented and interesting none the less.

There is a lot of shows/presentations/reenactments etc but as we are super disorganised we seemed to miss every one. It didn’t matter as Wee Girl just loved looking at all the exhibits. 

The staff were friendly and helpful, there are plenty of seats to feed hungry babies, a picnic area and lots of toilets. All in all we had a great time. 

Next time we will definately plan around some of the extra attractions. 

Have you been?

*Disclaimer – I have received nothing to write this post. Admission is free!*

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