Mean Girls 

Today Wee Girl cried all the way home…

Not in a delightful nursery rhyme fashion but in a friends wouldn’t play with her fashion.

She is 3 and a bit so as with all children you have to take what she says with a pinch of salt. Or rather a swimming pool full of salt.

But it was clear that one of the other girls was deliberately removing friends from Wee Girl to wind her up. 

Did Wee Girl deserve this treatment?

Quite possibly.

Did our bad parent demons come out.


“Next time that happens darling, you punch them all in the faces. Then find their last drawing they did and eat it.”

Is what we wanted to say.

What was actually said was I told her about today at work when those dicks (didn’t say that), Peter and Paul, my best friends didn’t want to play with me so I played with a new friend, Simon. 

I said “‘Simon do you want to play with me?’ And he said ‘yes I do’ and I said to Peter and Paul ‘oh well, I’ll play with you later’”

Wee Girl was happy with this tactic and agreed to implement it forthwith. 

Straight after she’s punched those 3 year old little bitches in the face. 

No, not really.

Anyway this is the first of no doubt many friend related dramas and it’s a sad milestone.  
*couldnt find a relevant picture so went with when she learnt to use my film camera*

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