Milk Intolerance Part 2: The 5 stages of powdery hell

First post can be found here

Wee Man has tried a lot of formula.  Just like a wine connoisseur he would smell, swill then spit.  Or rather sick.  So just like a bad wine connoisseur.

After many battles (see post above) we finally got prescribed some form of Aptamil milk.  It was double the price of normal formula but we were happy to buy it if needs be.

Anything to stop the screaming and sickness.

Wee Man did really well on this.  But after about a month the old symptoms were coming back:

  • Sickness
  • Screaming
  • Eczema worsening

Back to the doctors.

Try more cream.

The paediatrician said if it got worse to try him on the next level of milk. (Level 5)

You can’t get milk on prescription anymore.

How much is level 5 milk?

£51.65…for a tiny tub.

Around £500 a month.


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