To Succeed We Have To Separate A Little More

We have a 2.6 year old wee girl and a 3.3 month old boy.

It is, as you can imagine or indeed live daily, hard work. 

We have come to the realisation we spend too much time together.

Wee Man’s milk intolerance and general baby attitude towards life means our lives are somewhat dictated by feeds, crying and naps.

This means Wee Girl watches a lot of TV.

Wee Man being selfish and demanding feeds during the night leaves us, mainly Mummy  McMumface, very tired.

This means Wee Girl watches a lot of TV. 

Wee Girls sleep regression, posh term for crying when a toe is poking from under the duvet, leaves us doubly tired.

This means we all watch a lot of TV. 

Add in work, trying to eat healthily, staying up late and a dog and it gives you…well this. A general air malaise, failure and moaning.  

So new plan: split up (a bit)

I’ll take both out for a walk. MM will take Wee Man to the shop. Back together for a trip to the park. I’ll take Wee Girl to swings. MM will take both to Grans for a cuppa. Back together for tea. 

I cannot wait until we can fully function as a family unit. We always wanted to have children close together so they would be close as they grew up.  Of course there will be challenges in the future but having a baby and a toddler means someone is always compromising.

So it’s time to spend a little more time apart and a little more QUALITY time together. 

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