Toilet Training – The Highs and Lows

Our first born is a girl.  As such toilet training was a piece of…cake.
She was just 2 and had shown zero interest in her potty, other than wearing it as a hat.
However she was saying when she was going in her nappy soooooo we went and bought 26 pairs of pants (some “boys” ones too [Solidarity my sisters and brothers or…people]).
She was very pleased with them.  So pleased she went through 13 of them in 4 hours.
Do we give up?  Hmmm Google says no…
Shall we give up?  No, no come on now Google says no.
Yeah but let’s give up?
*Google walks out*
But LO! and BEHOLD! “I need a wee!”….no dribbles!
I told you we should keep going.
A few accidents and two days later and she was completely dry during the day and we were all very proud, happy and super smug.
Oh the judgement we rained down on friends and family with lesser weeing beings whilst we stood high in our brown castle of contentment.
Oh we’ve run out of night time knicks (night time nappies)
Well she will be fine.  Lets just put her in pants.
3 nights of complete dryness.
Oh the judgement and scorn with shared with others.
Then…bed wetting…crying…not sleeping…
She just wasn’t ready bless her.  She is nearly 3 and she still isn’t.  We are totally cool with that, but cancelling the press release and skywriter was a pain.
Anyway Wee Man was born, 7 months ago. Wee Girl showed no signs of regression, poor behaviour, attention seeking or any of that nonsense other children with worse parents do.  Then the dribbles started.
For about a 2 years or 2 months pretty much every wee was proceeded with quite wet pants.  They developed holes from overwashing.
We tried being super supportive.  We tried being firm.  We even made a sticker chart (I have big issues with sticker charts generally) which helped a bit.
Anyway with no light at the end of the tunnel the stickers lead to small prizes.
Still no light.
Until we just focused on the stickers and prizes and made no reference to the wee.
She wasn’t getting any attention for weeing her pants but she was for getting a sticker which happened if she was dry.
Took a while but we are dry now and have been for ages.
She is bloody brilliant really, even when she has wet pants.  It’s not been a piece of…cake but it’s not been the nightmare it sometimes felt like it was.  Whether pressure from family/society making us feel she should be dry, or the upset she felt when she was wet in bed…Those moments make you feel like the worst parent in the world.
As long as you keep smiling you will get there.  That’s just sometimes hard to remember.

4 thoughts on “Toilet Training – The Highs and Lows

  1. aww bless her, how good is she??? I’m so worried about toilet training Ben. Actually have no idea how to do it when he’s bigger!
    Thank you for sharing her success with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week

  2. Oh memories! You’ve made them all come flooding back. I wrote a post on this a while back – to cut a long story short, mine regressed and shock horror – I ignored Google! I gave up, Best thing I could have done. Between Christmas and New Year he told us he didn’t want to wear pull ups anymore and he wanted big boy pants. That was almost 18 months ago. He had just turned 3 when that happened. I guess my moral of the story is forget and ignore the pressure and they will do it when they are ready! Thanks so much for joining us this week, I hope you come back next week! 🙂 #TriumphantTales

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